1st Day of Loyalty: A Short Photo Journal of Portland Cops Arresting People After Canceling The Permit in the Middle of the May Day March

Something that stood out for me in these photos is how often ads and company logos pop up. Initially, I was going to edit those out but I felt it was appropriate for the subject. May Day (May 1st) is international workers day. It is a day to buy nothing, not go to work and for workers to gather. It also marks the 1886 bombing of a protest in Haymarket Square Chicago for eight-hour work days. The police had killed several workers the previous day and rioting ensued. Law enforcement served, then as a now, the white burgeois and their stolen property.  The story has not changed under the modern day fascist Amerikkkan rule. These brand symbols are but a small representation of whom the police serve and protect. From their boots to their helmets you can find a mixture of state and corporate insignia, both subtle and bold.

All Chads Are The Same
Seargent Santos Instructing Pedestrians to Move Back to the cornor. Portland Police are arresting a man that appears to be a medic. A banner and a gas mask are on the ground beside them.
This Arrest Was Brought to you by BMW.
Copr 2go
Sherief Deputy Posed for this photo with a CAR2GO add in the backdrop.
Cops Watching You
Portland Police collecting Images of the protester for the files.
Cops Helping Their Own Up
May Day 2017 Brought to you by Nike
Nike was represented.


An Oregon Legacy ( upper left)


Police and Sherief
A collaboration between the Multnomah Sherif and Portland Police
Putting Gas mAsk Away
They Just got orders to put their Gas Mask away.
Sgt. Santos Reminding us to go to the corner

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