It Is Right To Rebel

​Now is the time that the masses are most susceptible to losing faith in the bourgeois democratic system. Let’s feed those flames, comrades.

Liberals across the country are simultaneously decrying the national tragedy of electing Trump president, while also urging the masses that greater voter participation in democracy will be sufficient to counter this turn of events and ensure that justice will be done.

The masses are hearing this and they can plainly see the absurdity of it for themselves. They know that the same system which allowed Trump to become president will never be adequate to contain him and the hateful bigots he inspires.

They know that when push comes to shove their government isn’t going to be there to save them, and that they’ll only be able to count on each other.

At this time, we must take it upon ourselves as communists to form connections with the masses, to educate and inform their intuitive good sense with revolutionary Marxist theory, to insert ourselves among the masses and encourage them to organize, and to supplement their rightful despair at bourgeois democracy with a simple, powerful truth: that political power has always belonged to the masses and the masses alone.

Educate. Radicalize. Organize.

The time is NOW.

The masses are hungry to remember their power. Let’s not disappoint them. Let’s show them what someone who is armed with revolutionary theory and revolutionary discipline can accomplish.

Let’s make clear lines of demarcation to plainly demonstrate to the masses that we are altogether different from the charlatans they are used to seeing in every single branch of American politics.

Let’s be serious, if we want the people to take us seriously.


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