Hands Up, Wake Up

Last night people stood at the gate calling out the US Government on their participation in occupying stolen land. Sure, this happens every day but last night was special.

Every two to four weeks, new DHS officers are rotated in and out of the US District Court compound. This week the shift supervisor for the duty station took the new arrivals on a tour of the area in front of the compound gate currently occupied by protestors. 

Almost daily the shift supervisor and other DHS agents are trying to prove that the tents are abandoned. Ate one point the shift supervisor informed protestors that he would have to check the tents for their “safety”. Little did he know that these folks know their rights and demanded to see a warrant?

The woman that asked to see the warrant was quickly ignored and the shift supervisor turned his attention to the man that was with her. The man said the same thing. According to the duo the shift supervisor was nervous. With Americans having so many killings caused by cops not being able to control their nerves, it was cause for concern.

The shift supervisor made a point to inform the two that he had fought for their right to protest. “So did I” one of the duo. From

I would ask, who did he fight for their right to protest? It seems the only people oppressing Borikuas in Boriken is the AmeriKKKan Empire and its goons and puppets.

The Feds are preparing on clearing the camp that much is obvious. They do nothing to hide their intentions, but this hubris more than it is tactical. 

The shift supervisor on many times has claimed the tents to be stolen property. He continues to count on the people to be ignorant of the law. This is a new age, the masses are woke. 

Last night, people needed to call out the goons and their masters who have impoverished the people of Boriken and other people around the world. This went on for almost a half hour when a federal employee came out to complain to the shift supervisor. Her grievance was that the protestors were at the gate for too long and making verbal attacks on the DHS agents. She was upset that the shift supervisor was doing nothing as the protestors made their own grievances.

Word of this got out and suddenly the number of protestors doubled at the gate In typical Chad fashion, the old white man started moving his hand close to his side arm.

Someone in the masses started calling for everyone without a camera to raise their hand because Chad was getting nervous. The shift supervisor had to pull the agent and have them go to another post. A   woman was trying to appeal to the private security guards. She was reminding them that they too were poor and that the people they were protecting were going to destroy this nation once and for all. 

You could see remorse in the guard’s eyes, you could see how powerless they felt. I really hope they know that these people, these preludes, would take them in and support them if they would just abandon their post and join the resistance. The guard may be on their way to liberation.

The people had a victory. They showed the Feds that Borikuas can mobilize, can organize and that they have knowledge and truth on their side. It is too early to say what the world will be like after the elections, with the US starting of W.W. III and the Junta governing the island. I have the impression that the next decade will be the hardest and most tragic decade but one where the masses can be victorious. It will be a war of liberation of all people.



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