There was an air show in Boriken this last week. The air force Thunderbirds were the main attraction. For days leading up to the show, the squadron had been practicing their routine, flying low over the metropolitan area.


I used to be thrilled to see jet fighters. My parents would take me to airshows when I was a little kid and we would see the US Navy’s Blue Angels. I was amazed to see something so big and fast fly so tight and slow, always followed by thunder.


As I got older I became more aware of what a fighter jet actually was for. It would still be years before I would understand the impact they had on people’s lives.


I would consume media like the Ace Combat games and Top Gun. It was the artfulness of fire and forget. The gracefulness of selecting your targets and attack vector. Traveling faster than my own voice dipping in out of the clouds releasing bombs and missiles. I would watch my replays over and over till I found a routine that was both quick and elegant.


Now I hear jest and I think of how there are people in the world that feel nothing but dread. They probably think to themselves that in a second “Is today my day or ,is it somebody I know.” They know that someone will die, the question is who.


I think about the kids I know and how small and young and brilliant they are. I think of how there are kids just like them in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Rojava, Afghanistan. I think of how heartbroken they are when they lose their family, how scared they must be. I cry for the families that lose their babies.


Our occupation is not the worst or the most violent. It is a sinister occupation


The jets fly low for days, living up to their name, the sound disrupts thought and conversation. For those of us in resistance it angers us, it hurts us deep inside, it terrifies us. Those of us in resistance know that when the jets turn on us there is no escape.  


Those of us holding on to the colonial government and the eventual acceptance/ benevolence of the empire, the jets are a fascinating sight. They create awe and they remind the masses to, “Stay calm, relax and let this happen. It is worst if you resist. See isn’t that nice?” 


There are no saviors coming to our rescue. There is no salvation from the oppressor. Some say that the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa protects us. They spare us from fast and absolute destruction. Eventually, we will be gone. They will kill us off or evict us, but we will be gone from this land.


We will not go without a fight. As long as the world is fighting for socialism, equity and liberty we will continue to fight. We will push. There are not enough boots to keep pressed on all our faces. There are only so many selective arrest thugs like Col. Bermudez. One day the thunder will be the sound of the Empire and the Colonial government falling. 


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